Reasons Why Electricians Install Circuit Breakers Inside Homes

circuit breakerA circuit breaker is one of the essential electrical components inside your home. But what exactly are they and why are electricians always making sure they are properly installed? In general, homes need to have proper wiring and all electrical components should be working as intended. However, all of the electrical components inside the household will still connect to the main electrical line to get electricity. But before you could charge your phone, the electricity needed will go through what’s called a circuit breaker. Here are the reasons why electricians install circuit breakers inside your home:

A residential electrician can install, repair, and upgrade any electrical components inside a home

Basically, a circuit breaker works as a bridge to complete a circuit. Its main role is to protect the home from circuit overloads which happen all of the time. With a circuit breaker in place, the electricity is quickly cut to the areas where the overload is occurring. This function is very important. If there is no circuit breaker present, electrical equipment and wiring could burn, cause damage, or cause a house fire. Do note that your residential electrician installs not just one circuit breaker. If you could see the mains supply box, there are a number of circuit breakers installed.

The circuit breakers also range in capacity. This is due to a load of each down line. This is basically where the circuit breaker kicks in. a particular line that connects to a wall outlet or directly to an appliance is rated for a certain load of electricity. If that load is exceeded, the circuit breaker automatically trips and cuts off power. This ensures that the electrical equipment is kept safe and the house is also protected from any untoward incidents.

How to keep circuits from overloading

Basically, wall outlets have two or three sockets where you could plug your appliances into. This limits the load that is being drawn in by the appliances plugged in. however, in the event where an extension cord is used, the load drastically increases. This makes the wires hot and when the threshold is reached the circuit breaker trips. To avoid overloading from happening, make sure that only the right number of appliances are being run from the same outlet at the same time.

Aside from that, only use appliances that are rated for the same voltage as the outlet. Don’t use appliances that eat up too much electricity. This could cause the breaker to constantly trip and that would be a problem. If you could, it would be best to install voltage regulators to make sure that you are not exceeding the required voltage. You could ask your local Florence residential electrician about this.

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