Household Appliances – Which Ones Consume Energy The Most?

electrical FlorenceWe all have a bunch of appliances at home that we just can’t live without. Almost all of these appliances run on electricity. However, some of these essential appliances tend to eat up a lot more electricity than others. Not all are energy efficient which begs the question of what appliances take up the most energy. This article will list the common appliances and rank them based on their electrical Florence usage.

Appliances based on their energy usages

  1. HVAC system

The first item on the list is the heating and cooling system. According to statistics, heating and cooling systems can take up to 47% of the total energy usage of an entire household. Air conditioning units and heat pumps require a lot of electricity to provide the much-needed heating and cooling during the winter and summer months. These systems also require maintenance to keep them from running inefficiently.

  1. Water heater

Another home appliance that eats up a good chunk of energy is the water heater. Water heaters account for 14% of the total energy usage. For electricity-powered water heaters, they must be maintained regularly by a residential electrician to keep them from breaking down.

  1. Lights

The lights in your home accounts for 12% of the total electricity use. If you want to reduce the amount of electricity your lights use, switch to LED lighting which can provide greater light capacity by using just a fraction of the energy than a conventional light bulb would.

  1. Washing machine and dryer

How often do you do the laundry? Your washing machine and dryer can take up to 13% of your overall energy usage. The percentage is lowered or raised depending on the number of times the washer and dryer are used.

  1. Refrigerators

While anyone might think that refrigerators require a lot of energy to keep cool, think again. Refrigerators only take up 4% of the average household’s energy usage. This is because refrigerators are often closed and opened only briefly. This makes refrigerators require less energy to keep food frozen or chilled.

  1. Electric oven

If you love baking, it is good to know that the standard electric oven can only use up to 3 to 4% of energy in your home. Of course, if your electric oven breaks down, call a residential electrician right away for repairs.

  1. Television

Everyone likes a little R&R in front of the TV every once in a while. Televisions, DVD players, and speakers only account for 3% of the overall energy usage. It’s just a small fraction but can stack up depending on your usage patterns.

  1. Dishwasher

It’s not very often that you need to wash a lot of dishes unless you have a really big family. A regular dishwasher can only use up to 2% of the overall energy consumption. In case your dishwasher breaks down, call an electrician Florence.

  1. Computer

Computers use the least amount of electricity in the household at just 1%. However, the energy consumption will increase depending on the usage and type of computer used.

On average, a household has more than ten electrical appliances. Although not running at the same time, these appliances could eat up a lot of electricity. It is essential that these appliances are kept in good shape to maintain their energy efficiency. In case of electrical problems, always contact Florence Electrician Pros for repairs.

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