Ways To Prevent An Electrical Fire At Home

electricalWith electricity comes great responsibility. Your home’s electrical system plays an integral role in keeping order in your house, and of course, energy to power everything inside your home. With that in mind, electricity can also be a destructive force. Electrical fires could potentially be fatal. That is the reason why there are standards set in place for electrical systems globally. Despite the damaging effects of electrical fires, it can easily be prevented. With proper safety precautions in place, you can rest assured that you won’t be running into this kind of problem any time soon.

An electrical fire is dangerous but can be avoided

Unplug heat-producing appliances when not in use – kettles, toasters, and irons are some of the heat-producing appliances you may have at home, to name a few. Your electrician would normally warn against keeping them plugged in. Since these appliances primarily generate heat to serve their function, they must be unplugged after use. This is to avoid unnecessary overheating and potentially cause electrical fires. The chances of electrical fires from these appliances are very high thus the need to unplug them after use.

Don’t use extension cords as primary connections – not all extension cords are the same. Some are heavy duty and others are for lighter applications. However, regardless of the type of extension cord you may have, they should never be used as your main drivers. Only use them temporarily. Your local electrician does not recommend them for long-term use. Making them your primary outlet is dangerous. The wires in the extension cord could potentially overheat when on full load. When the wire overheats, it could melt through the insulation which could cause a nasty electrical fire.

Don’t remove the third prong on power cords – there’s actually a good purpose for the third prong on power cords. They serve as surge protection. The third prong is actually the “ground” which direct electricity away from your electrical devices when a surge happens. An electrician would recommend against removing the third prong. If your outlets only have two prongs, call an electrician in Florence for upgrades.

Update your electrical wiring – if you live in a fairly old home, chances are, the wiring inside is also dated. With newer devices and appliances, your old wiring may not be enough to handle the load. It is important to hire an electrician to have your wiring updated.

Following directions on appliances – household appliances come with instructions on how to use them. Electricians like Florence Electrician Pros recommend following the instructions that came along with the household appliances. This is to ensure that the product is used carefully and properly. There have been instances wherein some people misuse household appliances which results in dire situations.

As a reminder, electricity can save lives and it can also end them. It is always good to take safety measures before using electrical devices or anything electric for that matter. Electrical fires are dangerous but they can also be prevented quite easily. All there is to it is the right knowledge and application.

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