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Tips When Buying A Surge Protector

surge protectionA lot of homes have more devices than the number of plugs in the wall, and that is why you will most likely discover a surge protector underneath desks or behind the TV. However, always remember that surge protectors are not the same. There are certain types that can put your gadgets at risk. Provided below are some tips from a professional electrician about choosing the best surge protectors for your gadgets, how to prevent accidents, and other dangerous situations when using them.

A Surge Protector Is Different From A Power Strip

First of all, not all power strip is a surge protector, It might sound pretty simple, but it is a basic piece of information you need to know. Even though a power strip simply divides your outlet into different ports, a surge protector will protect your TV, computer, as well as other electronic gadgets you may have at home against noise, interference or power surges on your power line. Power surges might not happen everyday but they are common enough in a way that it can ruin your equipment.

Of course you will pay more for a surge protector compared to a power strip. But it will surely be worth it. In case you are the kind of person who heads over to Amazon and buy the cheapest item you can get then always remember this. Do not assume that just because it is listed in the same category as surge protectors or in handing next to a surge protector at the department store, it is already one.

Find The Most Suitable Surge Protector For Your Needs

When considering Florence surge protection, there are five factors you need to consider.

Correct Number Of Ports – don’t assume that each surge protector always has six or eight ports. There are some varieties that have as many as 12 well spaced ports. Purchasing the right number of ports will ensure that there is no need for you to connect several surge protectors.

Know The Gear You Will Connect To The Surge Protector – You need to think about certain things like what you are planning to plug into the surge protector that you wish to buy. You always have the option to purchase the best one that your budget allows. However, you can save a few bucks by purchasing a surge protector that is suitable for the equipment you plan to use it with. You need a more durable surge protector for your home entertainment system compared to what you need for your lamp or phone charger.

Check The UL Seal – The surge protector that you plan to buy must have the UL seal or certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratories, and at least meet the 1449 standards (needed for the transient voltage surge suppressor. This will ensure that the surge protector you purchase will really protect the device that you plan to plug into it.

Check The Absorption Rating – The absorption rating refers to the amount of energy that it will absorb before it fails. You need at least 6-700 joules or higher, which is always better. Meanwhile, the clamping voltage refers to the voltage that would set off the surge protector – or once the surge protector starts and begins taking up energy. Search for something that is about 400V or less. Less is better here compared to the absorption rating, which needs to be higher.

Check The Warranty – A few surge protectors warranty the equipment or devices that are connected to it for certain amount of damages in case a power surge will get through. You need to know what is and what is not covered. You also need to know how you could file a warranty claim in case the surge protector will fail.

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