Tips For Maintaining Your Electrical Outlet

electrical outletsOne of the primary causes of home fires is defective electrical outlets. Faulty electrical outlets are linked to a minimum of 25,000 electrical fires every year, leading to more than $1 billion worth of property damage. Maintaining your electrical outlets regularly can significantly lower the risk of home electrical fires, reminding you of the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Routine maintenance on electrical outlets can prevent malfunctions that can result in expensive repairs later on. Provided below are five tips to help you make sure that your electrical outlets are in good condition.

Test Outlets Frequently

It is highly recommended to test all your electrical outlets at home for safety once a month. You can buy affordable outlet testers from any home hardware shops. The testers look a lot like a three prong plug. Every prong has indicator lights. When you plug the tester into every outlet, the lights show any issues with each outlet. Detecting a problem early on significantly decreases the possibilities of a fire or perhaps the development of more complicated electrical issues later on.

Change Old Wiring

Once you discover that your electrical outlet has been damaged or worn out, you need to replace it right away. It is a simple process that you can do on your own. In case you have several electrical outlets or the issue is complicated, a qualified electrician from Florence Electrician Pros can do the work for you.

Use Quality Parts

There are several circumstances where it’s much better to buy a cheap product knockoff. However, this should not include the replacement parts for the home’s electrical outlets. You have to buy parts that are certified by the Underwriters Laboratories or other recognized safety certification institution. These parts undergo extensive testing, which gives you the peace of mind that they are completely safe.

Don’t Repair Your Wiring

In case the issue with your electrical wiring is more complicated than a simple wear, you have to hand over the project to a professional Florence electrician. You must never try to fix your own electrical wiring if you have no experience. Most home electrical fires are due to wiring that’s been wrongly installed or repaired by novices. So, to be safe, consult a professional electrician.

Every Electrical Outlet Requires Regular Upkeep

When doing regular maintenance on your electrical outlets, never forget to include those located outside your house, as well as those in the attic and basement. These are the common places that homeowners tend to forget about, but can cause a lot of damage. Create a list of the electrical outlets in your home and be sure to check them regularly for issues.

Monthly maintenance can help prevent minor and major electrical problems including home electrical fires. Obviously, in case of actual danger, you have to call an expert electrician right away.

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