Signs That You Will Need A Florence Electrician

electrician FlorenceElectrical safety is one of the most important factors in your household. Even the smallest electrical issues at home could start a fire. In fact, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, there are more than 50,000 house fires each year caused by electrical issues. That’s why it is important to uphold electrical safety in the household at all times. At the first sign of problems, call an electrician Florence right away. You’ll never know when that tiny spark could make way for a major house fire.

Here are five signs that you might need to call an electrician:

Extension cords are overloaded

Unlike the type of wiring used in your home, extension cords are different. They are not meant for extended or heavy use. That’s why it is never a good idea to plug many appliances into an extension cord and using them at once. The wires could heat up and potentially be a fire hazard. It is recommended to use extension cords for temporary or light use only.

Outlets become hot when in use

Some electrical appliances may produce heat when in use. However, your electrical outlet must never produce heat. If it is warm to the touch, you should call in an expert for electrical repair. The heat coming from your electrical outlets is never a good thing. Always make sure that this kind of issue is addressed immediately. There could be a problem with the electrical outlet that’s causing it to heat up. The faceplate of the outlet could melt and burn in worst-case scenarios.

Sparks when plugging into an outlet

Have you ever tried plugging into an outlet and there were a pop and sparks came flying out? If you’ve ever experienced this, you should know that it is something to be concerned about. Such occurrences are signs that there’s something wrong with the outlet, the appliance, or both. Call an electrician to check it out and have the problem fixed.

Lights flicker all the time

It can be downright annoying when your lights suddenly flicker. There can be a number of reasons for this. The electricity leading to the lighting fixture could be fluctuating. Another reason for this is a faulty light bulb. Regardless, the problem must be contained and fixed immediately. Not that it’s just the light bulb or fixture that has a problem, it could be just a sign of something worse.

Tripping circuit breaker

If one or more of your circuit breakers often trip even without an overload, there seems to be a problem. You need to hire an expert like Florence Electrician Pros to check it out. Circuit breaker issues can become worse over time when unattended. Be certain that such issues are addressed in a timely manner. Not only will it cause more problems, but it is also rather inconvenient having to reset the breaker every single time it trips.

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