Signs Your Wall Switches Are Defective

Florence electricianA wall switch is used a thousand times during the course of its lifespan. It eventually wears out and become defective and the initial sign of trouble is when it acts in any way that is not normal. For instance, if there is an audible snap, crackle, or popping sound once you flip the lever then it is obvious that your wall switch is defective. You have to replace it yourself or hire an electrician. Other warning signs are more subtle while others are pretty obvious. Listed below are a few indications that you need to know about.

Temperamental Lights

You may have had this experience before. You turn on the light switch and it takes a few seconds before the lights go on. This is a sign that the metal parts inside your wall switches are starting to wear out and its contacts are no longer able to make the connections required to fulfill the electrical path and let the light illuminate. Although not always, there are instances when this problem is accompanied by a loose switch lever, which has lost its snap every time you flip it. Even if this doesn’t happen all the time, you still need to replace the switch.

Sparking Switches

There are times when you will notice a small spark coming from your wall switch whenever you turn it on. It might be due to a load arc that happens when electricity moves between the contacts as whenever they pull away from one another. Once the contacts are far from each other, the spark will stop. Given that, a large spark or one that makes a weird sound could mean a faulty light switch. If the sparking is accompanied with smoke, or if you see scorch marks on the switch toggle or cover plate, then you have to replace your wall switch.

Noisy switches

A defective light switch can make various noises but it can mostly be described by sizzling, clicking, buzzing, or popping. It may be due to a loose wire connection, so be sure to have it checked by an electrician.

Switch Does Not Feel Right

Your fingers are commonly the best detectors of a faulty light switch. If you notice the switch toggle is behaving differently, perhaps it lost its snap or is stiffer than usual – it may be worn out and needs to be replaced before it causes a bigger and more dangerous electrical problem. A switch that feels warmer than it supposed to be is another warning sign. There might be a problem with the electrical circuit or there might be a loose wire contact.

When it comes to dimmer switches, they commonly feel warm to touch because they generate heat, which is dissipated on the face of the switch as well as the electrical box. Do not worry if they are a little warm to the touch. However, if it feels uncomfortably hot, you need to have it replaced or fixed by a Florence electrician.

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