Signs That Indicate When To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

electrical systemIn a nutshell, your electrical panel is what serves as the heart of your house’s electrical system. It feeds electricity to all other circuits in your home that connect onto it. Overall, the electrical panel makes servicing easy and it protects your home from electrical problems. Most, if not all, homes have at least one installed. Through years of constant uptime, your electrical panel will require some maintenance or an upgrade. But how do you know when the time is right for an upgrade? What are the tell-tale signs that indicate an upgrade is due? Read on to find out.

Why do you need to upgrade your electrical panel?

Aside from feeding electricity into different parts of your home, the electrical panel also prevents damages due to electrical shorts, faulty wiring, overloads, and more. Once the system encounters a short or overload on a specific line, the breaker trips and cuts off connection to prevent serious issues. As the electrical panel ages, the chances of it malfunctioning grows more significant.

Defective wiring

One of the primary reasons is faulty wiring. The risk, however, is dependent on how old a house or building is. Most of the time, faulty wiring is a problem for older structures. A newer home is unlikely to have such issues, but there is still a possibility. One instance where faulty wiring could be found is when it was not properly installed. It is essential that the electrician who laid out the wiring for the building is knowledgeable and did the job well. Common indications of faulty wiring include, but are not limited by, sparks in power outlets, flickering lights, and burning smell when using appliances.

Older fuse panels

There are still homes that have fuse panels still in operation. Although fuse panels could still be a viable form of protection, they aren’t as safe as circuit breakers. If you find that some parts of your home still use fuse panels, have them replaced immediately. Contact your local electrical contractor like Florence Electrician Pros and have them upgraded.

Home remodeling

When you remodel your home, you’re bound to add in new lighting fixtures, appliances, and more. This means you need to upgrade your electrical panel to cater to these new changes. Again, the best thing that you could do is hire an electrician.

Electrical system shows unusual behavior

When you notice minor changes on how your appliances work, have it checked out. When your electrical system is working as intended, there won’t be any noticeable issues. Always call your electrician right away if you find any problems with your electrical panel or anything electric in your home.

Never assume that everything is fine or that the problem would just go away. The reality is that electrical problems do exist and when they appear, you need to deal with them the right way. Never DIY anything that involves electrical panels and or any electrical concern, always have your local electrician fix it to contain the problem as early as possible.

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