Safety Tips When Inspecting The Electrical Panel

electrical panelAny type of repair that involves the electrical system will require switching off the power that goes to the electrical circuit that you will be working on. Where can you do this? At the main electrical panel. The service panel is also called the breaker box but it is officially referred to as a load center. The primary service panel acts like the switchboard for all the electricity that goes into your home. It will receive the incoming power sent from the utility company and spreads it to every circuit that will supply the many different outlets, lights, appliances, and devices that you have at home. Everything except the incoming utility power can be switched off and on at the main service panel.

Inspecting any part of your home’s electrical system can be dangerous. The whole process must be handled with care and performed by professional Florence electricians only. Safety is important and regardless of your experience in dealing with the electrical system, you need to be mindful of the correct safety methods when checking the electrical panels.

Keep in mind that you should never work on electrical wiring unless you have the right training and equipment. Working with electrical components comes with the risk of electrocution, which could result into burns or even death. You can access the circuit breaker and fuses and conduct a visual inspection for signs of trouble on your electrical equipment. But, only a professional electrician from Florence Electrician Pros can remove the electrical panel cover.

Checklist Before Inspection

Establish and escape route – you should know where you will turn or step away from a certain equipment in case of a sudden and unexpected hazard.

Wear electrical safety gear – wearing safety gear are usually needed when dealing with an electrical panel. These include the right eye protection, gloves, clothing, and grounding straps.

Conduct A Preliminary Hazard Assessment – it is recommend to perform a special risk assessment to check for possible electrical explosion, fires or arching, according to the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association.

Dangerous Conditions To Watch Out For

Gaps or missing ground system – the grounding system offers a simple path for electricity to move through the ear, in case an electrical issue like a short circuit happens. Letting electrical current flow in this way assists in a circuit breaker trip, thus preventing fire as well as shock. If there is no ground path, the person working on it will be a higher risk of becoming grounded, or worse electrocuted.

Wet areas – never touch any electrical equipment if you are standing on a wet surface. You should also take note of any condensation in your location.

Rust or corrosion – check the panel for signs of rust. You should also do this on the circuit breakers that might not trip due to an overcurrent that is brought on by internal corrosion. If you notice these on your breakers, you need to replace them right away. The whole panel should be replaced by an electrician if the electrical panel is badly corroded.

Overheating – look for signs of burning or melting inside the electrical panel.

Improper bonding – search for improper wiring, or faulty or damaged equipment.

Stop touching or inspecting the electrical panel if you sense a tingle, charge, or shock.

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