How Lightning Strikes Affect Your Home’s Electrical System

emergency electricianThunderstorms are dangerous and that’s no joke. According to recent data, insurance companies shelled out nearly $1 billion just to cover the costs of repairing damages caused by lightning strikes. And yes, there’s a huge chance that your home could be hit by lightning during hurricane season. However, the big question is what can lightning do to your home? Your emergency electrician can tell you quite a lot about what will happen.

Here are some eye-opening scenarios about lightning strikes:

Power surges

As we all know, lightning is electricity – and a lot of it. When lightning hits trees, houses, or other objects, it unleashes the energy it carries in the form of electricity. In almost all instances, the results are devastating. When lightning hits your home, you can expect a major power surge. As lightning travels through your home, it reaches into whatever conductive material is in its path. Our homes are commonly built with electrical wires running all over the place. This means there’s a huge chance that the power surge could fry any electrical appliance that’s plugged into the wall outlet when the lightning strikes. In the event that a lightning bolt does strike your house, call the fire department and your local residential electrician.

House fires

Electricity generates heat and when lightning comes into contact with wood and other flammable materials, things catch fire. That’s the reason why you should call the fire department to ensure that there’s no fire risk after your house is hit by lightning. You should also call your electrician for any electrical repair.


Lightning can still deliver a significant amount of damage to your home without a direct hit. Shockwaves can deliver a tremendous amount of force that could shatter window panes or even the walls of your house. This is a reason why inspections must be made after a lightning strike. In most cases, homes in areas frequented by thunderstorms are built with a proper grounding so the electricity from the lightning simply passes through the house and dissipates in the ground. Of course, you still need to be certain that your electrical system is still properly functioning. Calling Florence Electrician Pros will be necessary.

Lightning is unpredictable. It can hit anywhere and anything in its path. It can even hit the same area twice. In most cases, lightning will only hit trees, poles, and other non-inhabited structures. However, when the inevitable happens that your home is struck by lightning, don’t panic. There’s a huge chance that you’ll live to see another day. But you need to be certain that your home’s electrical system is safe and working accordingly.

What you need to do is inform the authorities about the matter. You should call the fire department right away. You should alert them in case a fire were to break out because of the lightning strike. This not only applies to your home but to other structures near your house.

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