Landscape Lighting Tips For Beginners

electricianCreating a landscaping design for your house and backyard may not be the first one off on your list of home improvement projects. However, there are many aesthetic and practical reasons why you should do it including improving the safety and security of your property. Below, are some helpful tips from professional electricians on how you can create a simple yet professional looking landscape lighting design without breaking the bank.

Getting Started

Among the first considerations when creating a landscape lighting design is to take into account the existing setup for exterior lighting. Do you have lighting fixtures installed already? Do you have the needed connections or outlets for the project? Several newly constructed houses in homes are usually fitted with outdoor landscaping sources on both right and left corners of the house. In case your house does not have any of this, it is best to hire an electrician Florence. You should consider installing extra light sources to emphasize these sections in case you do not have a house with a less traditional facade as well as architectural features that recede or extend from a basic straight line across the front.

Selecting Your Subject

Whether you are lighting your front or your backyard, you have to determine what features you wish to highlight within your design. Is it a fountain, courtyard area, specific shrubs or trees, or landscape? Generally speaking, lighting sources outdoors are as high as the houses’ eaves. However, there will always be exceptions. The main problem is whenever we are trying to install landscaping lighting for the very first time is that our brains are set to seeing the light shine down from the moon or the sun. In case you are just want to light a certain feature, then you might want to consider installing ground lighting or a mix of low and high lights.

Choices of Light

A few good choices for landscape lighting are flood lights, path lights, and spotlights. You may also consider combining the three options based on how intricate you want your landscape lighting design would be. You also need to determine whether you should go with LED, fluorescent or halogen lighting. Halogen bulbs emit a higher intensity of light that is brighter and whiter compared to fluorescent. Additionally, they use more electricity and produce more heat than fluorescent lighting. The latter gives off a cool and visible light with very little heat. Fluorescent lighting is likewise more energy efficient and inexpensive compared to halogen. The only problem is that the bulbs present a health risk when it is broken because it contains mercury.

On the other hand, LED, is growing in popularity due to its impeccable performance especially when it comes to landscape lighting. It is also longer lasting and consumes less energy compared to the other lighting options that you have in the market today. If you are on a shoestring budget, always remember that LED will be more cost more than halogen or fluorescent lighting upfront.

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