Florence Professional Electricians Solve Top Wiring Problems

Florence ElectricianMany Florence homeowners call their local electrician for assistance in solving various types of wiring problems. The best thing about having a trained and licensed local professional in solving your electric problems is that you can be sure that they will provide you with high-quality results as well as include warranties in their services. Plus, you know they will always arrive at your doorstep whenever you need them.

In this article, local electricians share how they solve common wiring problems experienced by many homeowners in Florence.

  1. Overcrowded electric panel

This happens when your electric panel contains more circuits than it can handle. Keep in mind that each electric panel has a specific number of circuits that it can safely and effectively handle. Replacing single pole breakers in your electric panels with tandem breakers may allow you to maximize your electric panels. On the other hand, overdoing it may put you and your family’s safety at risk.

An overcrowded electric panel may not be able to effectively control and manage the flow of electricity in the circuits throughout your home. As a result, you will notice that your electricity often trips whenever using more than one major appliance at the same time. What is worse is that this may end up causing an electrical fire, especially if not resolved immediately.

To keep this from happening, a Florence electrician suggests adding a subpanel to provide you with additional slots for adding breakers for your supplementary circuits. You can also consider replacing your electrical panel with a larger one. This is highly applicable if you are doing a major home renovation.

  1. The use of too many extension cords and power strips

Some homes that were built 30 years or more ago have not undergone sufficient electrical upgrades. Thus, these homes may still have outdated wiring and very few outlets or plugs. Considering the heavy reliance of the average household on electricity as evidenced by the increase in ownership and use of various gadgets and electric appliances and machines, a home with a limited number of outlets is no longer sufficient.

To compensate, homeowners turn to the use of extension cords and power strips. Although these are meant to be used temporarily, experts say they can be used at home to provide the household with additional plugs and outlets for all their electric-powered appliances and gadgets. On the other hand, professionals strongly recommend choosing heavy duty and high-quality extension cords. Those that have 14-gauge or thicker wire. These types of extension cords have been proven to last longer and function safely than undersized extension cords.

If you see that you have been using more than a couple of extension cords, it would be best for you to have an electrician install additional outlets to your home. This is indeed a safer route than relying on extension cords and power strips which may cause an electric fire if used too long or used with power-hungry appliances and gadgets.

  1. Worn out plugs and outlets

If you use your outlets very frequently and repeatedly throughout the day, its contacts may become loose and it will no longer be able to firmly grip the prongs of your plugs. Thus, your plugs often fall off the outlet after a couple of minutes of inserting them. This is highly dangerous as this can cause arcing and electric fire especially if the outlet is installed in or near dry wood and dust.

To resolve this, have your Florence electrician may replace worn out outlets as soon as possible. Although you can opt to replace your outlets on your own and without professional assistance, it is safer to have a professional do it for you. Aside from ensuring a high-quality job, you are also entitled to warranties on their services.

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