Florence Electrician On Whole House Surge Protection

Florence Electrician SCYou probably first heard about whole house surge protection and its importance from your Florence electrician. This is because not a lot of homeowners know about this type of electrical protection and how it can actually protect them, their family and house. In this article, you will learn about whole house surge protection, its benefits and why you should invest in them.

How does it work?

A whole house surge protection works similar to a security guard. It allows only the electricity that is safe for your home to enter your electrical system and keeps over-voltages from entering. Because of this, your gadgets and devices are protected from being damaged by sudden surges of electricity from over-voltages that have accidentally entered your system.

If you are considering installing a whole-house surge protective device, have your Florence electrician to install it near your primary electric service box so that it will be able to protect all of your appliances and devices.

Why you should you install a whole house surge protection in your home

Experts strongly suggest installing a whole house surge protection in your home if you still do not have one. The primary reason for this is because an average house today uses several different electronic appliances in addition to the various devices and gadgets that they use for doing work and for entertainment. Indeed, a household today depends more on electricity than a household a couple of decades ago.

Gone are the days when a house can survive with only an HVAC and a washer. Today, a household uses a lot more electric-powered devices and gadgets such as a couple of TV’s, a wi-fi modem, water heater, swimming pool heater, automatic pool covers, and a couple of computers and laptops. The continuously increasing need for electricity is the primary reason why every household should have a whole house surge protective device. Keep in mind that the more you need electricity, it is more likely that over-voltage surges could enter your home through your service box. The only thing that could prevent these from entering, causing problems to your home and family, is a whole house surge protective device installed and wired into your primary electric service box.

In addition to the over-voltages that could potentially enter your home, a whole house surge protective device also protects your home from the dangers caused by mini-surges inside your home. Although these mini-surges do not directly cause problems to your electric system, they can wear out your devices over time, especially if these mini-surges happen frequently. What they do is that they cause the device or gadget to wear out and eventually perform less effectively. As a result, their lifespan reduces.

Why whole house protection?

The primary reason why a whole house surge protective device offers whole house protection is that your electrician will wire it into your service box. This way, it is able to protect the wiring throughout the house; thus, protecting every light switch and outlet including every appliance, device, and gadgets plugged into the outlet or connected to the light switch.

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