How Can Your Electrician Florence Help You Prepare For A Hurricane?

electrician FlorenceHurricanes can deal damage to property, injury, and in extreme cases the loss of life. A part of hurricane preparedness is to observe electrical safety at home. There are different ways in how you can remain safe this hurricane season. If there are existing electrical issues in your home, now is the time to call an electrician Florence and have them all fixed. While we all need electricity to go on with our daily lives, it can also be a hazardous force that we need to deal with accordingly.

Here are some electrician Florence tips to ensure electrical safety throughout hurricane season:

Stay away from downed power lines – as a safety precaution, never go near a downed power line. Electricity can travel through water and you could be seriously electrocuted. Always keep yourself dry and away from water.

Never step into flooded areas – according to electrician Florence Florence, SC, you should never step into a flooded area. You may never know to tell if the water is charged with live electricity. Electricity could travel through water and other conductive materials. That’s why you should always stay away from flooded areas unless you are certain that the water is not electrically charged.

Use flashlights and not candles – it is best to use flashlights during a power outage than candles. Basically, candles contain combustible materials that when left unattended, could cause a house fire.

Find where your main panel is located – as an added safety precaution, you should be able to quickly locate your circuit breaker box. In case of emergencies, you could easily cut the power to any location where the water has reached electrical outlets or appliances that are still plugged in.

Don’t use appliances that have been wet – appliances submerged in water mustn’t be used for the time being. They might still contain water inside that, when turned on, could cause even more damage. They are subject for electrical repair before they could be used again.

Replace electrical equipment that have been exposed to water – any appliances, receptacles, electrical outlets, and other electrical components that have been in water should be replaced. This is to ensure that users are safe from electrocution during normal use.

Always have a portable generator handy – when it comes to preparing for a hurricane, every homeowner should have a supply of food, clean drinking water, and alternative sources of energy. Portable generators are quite common and cheap. However, you should be careful about using them as some generators could cause carbon monoxide poisoning when used in poorly ventilated areas.

Hire an electrician to check your system – an electrician like Florence Electrician Pros should check your electrical system before and after hurricane season. This is to make sure that your home is safe and sound.

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