Electrical Wiring And Renovation For Your Home’s Safety

electrical wiringThe main goal in any home renovation project is to give the house a refresh, putting new functional or aesthetic additions. This also includes electrical upgrades. Although this does not apply to every single household, the general idea is to make upgrades whenever necessary. Electrical wiring is one of the areas that should be focused on. For older houses, electrical wiring upgrades will be more useful. Older homes might be in need of wiring upgrades due to several reasons.

Here are some warning signs that you should change your electrical wiring

For older homes, electrical wiring upgrades are almost absolutely necessary. It is essential to have an electrician go through the electrical system and check for errors or any signs of possible electrical malfunction. Although not a common issue for newer households, when the following signs are present, immediate action must be taken.

  1. Frequent bulb and fuse burn out.
  2. Circuit breakers constantly trip.
  3. Wires are damaged and exposed
  4. Lights are constantly flickering
  5. Electrical shocks in some wall outlets
  6. Electrical sparks when plugging or unplugging cords
  7. Burning smell
  8. Hot plugs and charred wall outlets

Other factors that call for an electrical wiring upgrade

No electrical upgrade was done in the past – if the wiring inside your home has not been changed for the last 25-30 years, you should consider doing it as soon as possible. Older wiring may not be on par with the latest electrical standards. Other than that, every homeowner must take into account the electrical requirements of gadgets and other electrical appliances. Nowadays, electrical appliances may require more electrical loads. Sometimes, these loads cannot be efficiently delivered through older wiring. Some wirings may be too thin to handle huge electrical loads, which may lead to electrical fires. It is also the reason why it is important to have an electrician in Florence to check the wiring if it is in accordance with local electrical codes.

When you still have knob-and-tube wiring – wires used nowadays come in multiple strands of copper. However knob-and-tube wiring or K&T are single pieces of copper that are routed throughout the household. This type of wiring was an early electrical standard in North America throughout the early 1900s. Although it is still in use in some applications today, knob-and-tube wiring has some downsides. This type of wiring does not have a ground conductor. That means any residual electricity from appliances will not dissipate into the earth. You might feel a little shock when using appliances that do not have a ground wire in place.

When your aluminum wiring is still used in your home – back in the day, aluminum wiring was used to route electricity within the household. However, nowadays, copper wiring is the standard metal for use in the wiring. This is because of the efficiency and conductivity of copper. If you have doubts about your electrical wiring, call an electrician to get the necessary upgrades.

Your home’s electrical system and wiring are both essential for comfortable daily living. It is only fitting that every homeowner chooses to make necessary electrical upgrades done by professionals like Florence Electrician Pros.

Does your home still have old electrical wiring? Check the signs and call Florence Electrician Pros today!

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