Electrical Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Home

electrician FlorenceThere are a lot of things you can do to increase the value of your home and this include making changes to your electrical system. Lighting modifications such as using LED bulbs and installing exterior lighting can help improve the ambiance of your home. Meanwhile, replacing plates and panels can help make your home more efficient and safer. You can use the tips provided below not only to light up your living space but also make your home easier to sell when the right time comes. Some electrical upgrades you can do yourself but there are also those that require the assistance of an electrician.

Switch To LED

Potential home buyers would like to be able to picture themselves living in your house, therefore, you need to make it as inviting and as warm as possible. You can do this by changing how you light up your home. In case you are still using incandescent bulbs, think about this: Incandescent bulbs transform more than 90% of their energy to heat instead of light. This reflects on your electricity bill, both making your air conditioner work extra and in wasted energy from your incandescent lights.

In case you want your home to really attract potential home buyers, you should think about changing your lighting fixtures to light emitting diode or LED bulbs. They create light whenever a current runs through the tiny semiconductors placed inside the bulb. Because of the small amount of electricity that LED bulbs require, your usage of electricity will significantly drop.

LED bulbs also last much longer compared to the conventional incandescent bulbs, which can also last to about 250 days if used eight hours a day. Meanwhile, LED bulbs can last up to 3,125 days at the same rate of usage. All these translate to bigger cost savings and gains when you convince a potential buyer to purchase your home.

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Whenever potential buyers visit your house, their first impression will always be your home’s exterior. You need to make the most out of this opportunity by installing exterior fixture lighting to improve your home’s curb appeal. Floodlights can be a significant selling point for potential home buyers especially if they are particular about safety. Floodlights can help lessen the number places a burglar can hide in your yard. The installation of lights on the walkway that leads up to your door showcases your attention to detail. It also makes your home look and feel more inviting and much safer.

Make Electrical Updates

Panel Replacement – in case you are selling an older home, you need to think about replacing your outdated breaker panel or old fuse box. Old panels are not built to take on contemporary electricity levels and could lead to overheating, thus increasing the risk of house fires. Do not attempt to replace this piece of equipment without the assistance of a professional Florence electrician because it generally involves rewiring, which could be hazardous.

Plate replacement – you should also consider installing brand new plate covers for your power outlets and light switches. Older marble or metal finishes can transform these dull necessities into elegant accents. Before you start working on them, make sure that you turn off the power outlet to the affected outlets. Always remember that touching the side of a live power outlet can give you an electric shock.

Childproof outlets – if you are changing your plates, you should consider investing in important electrical parts like childproofing power outlets. This is particularly crucial when you are targeting home buyers with kids.

Whether you are planning to sell your home or you just want to make sure that your home is safe and efficient, call Florence Electrician Pros if you are considering upgrading your electrical system.

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