Electrical Safety – Upgrading Electrical Outlets

electrical outletWhenever you need to charge your phone, use your hair dryer, or just about any electrical appliance, you quickly turn to the nearest wall outlet. It’s a fact of modern day life that we just can’t ignore or live without. We all rely on electricity to go on with our daily lives but is there any thought given to the electrical components inside your home especially that electrical outlet you often use? Most of us don’t.
Electrical outlets require upgrades from time to time. With constant use, they can wear out and can be potentially hazardous. It is best to know when and how you should upgrade your outlets.

When is the right time to upgrade electrical outlets?

When you spot something weird with your electrical outlet, you should dig a little deeper. Sometimes, these tiny details are signs that a problem is about to happen. Don’t wait until then. When you are experiencing the following issues, you should consider calling your electrical contractor and have it fixed:

  • If there isn’t enough three-pronged sockets or there are none at all
  • When you see sparks every time you plug in appliances
  • If there is smoke when in use
  • When you see discoloration on the outlet
  • When there are no GFCI outlets available in rooms where water is used
  • If the outlets get warm while in use
  • If the sockets won’t secure plugs properly
  • If there are frequently tripping circuits
  • If power is inconsistent or shuts off for no reason

Types of outlets you should upgrade to

GFCI outlets – GFCI outlets or ground fault circuit interrupters are outlets that protect against electrical shock. Instead of being continuously shocked when in contact with a live connection, the GFCU outlet cuts of the electrical connection to avoid further shock. You will still be shocked but only within a fraction of a second. Having GFCI outlets in your home will make it safer for homeowners with children.

AFCI outlets – AFCI or arc fault circuit interrupters are used to reduce the instances of fires caused by electrical arcs. AFCI outlets constantly monitor the circuit for possible electrical arcs to ensure that no electrical fires spring from the outlet while being used.

There are other outlets available that are used for special purposes. USB outlets, LED night light outlets, recessed outlets, pop-up outlets are only some of the other type of outlets being used in homes. If you wish to have these types of outlets installed in your home, call experts like Florence Electrician Pros for assistance.

How are electrical outlets upgraded?

There are various ways on how the electrical outlets in your home are upgraded. If you want to have yours upgraded, call your local electrical contractor for more information. First of all, the power needs to be shut off through the electrical panel. Then, the cover plate for the old outlet is removed along with the screws and the wire connecting to the outlet is loosened and the new outlet is installed. The installation process may vary depending on the type of outlet since more complex outlets require an intricate process.

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