Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

electricianThe holiday season is here during this time of the year, several people decorate their houses for the holidays. There are some families that begin decorating at Halloween and change their ornaments for each holiday that comes until New Year’s Eve. You have to be safety conscious if you have plans of decorating your home since nobody wants their holidays to turn into an accident. You can do this yourself or hire an electrician who can help you out.

Inspect Everything

Before you use any holiday decoration, be sure that you check it closely. You should be searching for broken or missing bulbs, sockets, or plugs that are damaged or cracked or perhaps wires that are bare or loose, and any other kind of damage. You should also check any extension cords that you can use to connect the holiday decorations. Keep in mind that your holiday ornaments have been stored for the last year, they can become damaged or deteriorate during the time that they were being stored. You have the option to go the DIY route or call a Florence electrician to conduct the electrician for you.

Never Overload Electrical Outlets

Among the most dangerous and biggest mistakes that people make whenever they decorate their houses during the holidays is to overload electrical outlets. Avoid overloading the electrical outlets because this is one of the primary causes of house fires during the holidays. Make sure that you plug only one high wattage appliance into every outlet. It is also highly recommended to use a power strip or extension cord with circuit breakers installed as an extra level of safety.

Incandescent Lights

They are usually used for holiday decorations these days, however, a few people still enjoy the appearance of brighter and larger bulbs. In case you use incandescent lights whenever you are decorating your house for the holiday season, never connect over 3 strings of these lights together. The primary reason behind this is that incandescent bulbs need more wattage compared to modern LED lights, so whenever you connect over three strings of incandescent bulbs in sequence, you might trip a breaker or blow a fuse.

Christmas Tree

In case you have a live Christmas tree, never allow it to dry out. When a Christmas tree is cut, it can quickly dry out, so you have to water your tree daily to make sure that it is as fresh as possible. However, you cannot keep it inside your house for a longer period of time. Christmas trees that have dried out are among the primary causes of house fires during the holidays.


A lot of homeowners love the scent and look of candles that are burning inside their house during the holidays, however, it is a lot safer to utilize battery operated candles whenever possible. Candles that are unattended cause over half of all home fires that happen during the holidays. In case you have to use candles during the holidays, do so carefully. Don’t let them burn without proper supervision and make sure that all the candles you have used are out before you go to bed.

Keep Clearance Around Heat Source

In case you are burning a fireplace, operating a kerosene or electric space heater, or utilizing some other kind of heat source, be sure that all combustible materials are at a minimum of three feet from the source of the heat. A few of these combustibles are curtains, furniture, gifts with wrapping paper, Christmas tree, and all the other things that can catch fire easily. Once again, several holiday fires are due to combustible items that are left too close to the source of heat.

Protect Cords From Potential Damage

Once you set up your holiday decorations, consider where the cords will be when you’re finished. Make sure that electrical as well as extension cords are protected from getting damaged. Be sure that they’re pinched by furniture, be sure that won’t be hit by the vacuum, when used outside don’t leave cords lying across walkways and driveways, and be sure all connections are watertight. Another important thing you need to ensure is that closing windows and doors must not damage the electrical cord and they need to be placed at least three feet from any source of heat.

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