Electrical Safety 101 – Light Switches

electricianWho doesn’t know what a light switch is? All modern homes have light switches of some sort. Light switches are normally mechanically driven which means they don’t last forever but these things do work for quite a while. So how long do light switches last? Normally, the lifespan of light switches vary depending on the brand and build quality. This basically means there isn’t a single number you can point to when choosing a light switch. You could, however, ask an electrician for better brands. It’s also good to contact an electrical professional when your light switches go bad. Here are some of the signs that tell when it’s time for new light switches to be installed:

Always contact an electrician even for the slightest electrical concerns

  1. Flickering lights – one of the most obvious signs your light switches need replacing is that your lights constantly flicker. It’s not always your light bulbs that are the culprit. Sometimes, the contacts inside the light switch no longer meet or are intermittently closing the circuit. This normally results in flickering lights. It’s not a common occurrence for newer switches, though. In case you run into this kind of problem, contact your local electrician immediately. This kind of problem could damage your lights due to the intermittent connection.
  1. Weird noises in your switches – have you tried to flick the light switch and it has that weird crackling sound? It’s not just the metal or plastic parts that are rubbing together that you hear. Sometimes, the contacts inside the switches are creating sparks that could wear out and fail. When faced with this situation, you should have it repaired by a Florence electrician. To prevent further damage, avoid using the switch and use other light sources if available.
  1. Sparking switches – when you turn the switch on for your recessed lighting and you notice sparks coming out, there’s definitely a problem. You should have it checked out and replaced as soon as possible. Also, avoid using the switch until an electrician comes in. This kind of problem normally results in house fires. Although house fires normally happen under worst-case scenarios, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

Only hire a licensed electrician

Whether it’s just a small electrical problem you have at home, there’s nothing safer than hiring an electrician to make the repairs. When you hire an electrician, there’s just a little chance that things could go wrong. Most of the time, the repairs would go flawlessly and you can go on with whatever you have planned and that’s it. Experts electricians like Florence Electrician Pros have years of experience in the industry, the equipment, the training, and an upstanding reputation to back it all up. The time you hire an electrician, you are not only making sure the repairs are done, but you are also ensuring the electrical safety of your home. This then translates to a safer place to live in for you and your family.

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