Electrical Outlet Maintenance Tips

Electrical outletsHome fires are commonly caused by defective electrical outlets. About 25,000 electrical fires every year could be attributed to faulty electrical outlets, which cause more than $1 billion in property damages. When it comes to reducing your home’s risks of electrical fires, you need to conduct routine maintenance on electrical outlets. It prevents malfunctions that could lead to expensive repairs later on. Listed below are five tips to help make sure that the often overlooked outlets in your house stay in good working condition.

Test Your Outlets Regularly

Florence Electrician Pros recommend that you have a monthly schedule to test every electrical outlet in your home for safety. You can buy cheap outlet testers at any home hardware store. They have a three prong plug, each equipped with indicator lights. When you plug the tester into every outlet, the lights will show any issues with the outlet in question. Knowing an electrical problem early significantly lowers the chances of a home fire or the development of a costlier and larger electrical issue in the future.

Replace Old Wiring

If you discover worn out and damaged electrical wiring, you have to replace them right away. The process is simple and you can even change the wiring of the outlets on your own if you have the right tools and skills. In case you have a lot of outlets or more complex issues, a qualified electrician can perform the work safely and more effectively for you.

Never Skimp On Parts

There are several instances where it is much better to buy cheaper product knock-off, however, this does not apply to the replacement parts for your electrical outlets. Buy parts that are certified by an established and reputable safety certification institution such as Underwriters Laboratories. The extensive testing that replacement parts go through gives you an assurance that they are safe to use.

Never Fix Your Wiring

In case the problem with your wiring is much more serious than typical wear and tear, it is a must to hand over the project to a professional electrician. You must never try to fix your own wiring in case you don’t have the experience. Most home electrical fires have been attributed to the incorrect installation and repair by amateurs. Therefore, it is much safer and more affordable to consult with a professional Florence electrician.

Maintain All Electrical Outlets In Your Home

When conducting routine maintenance on your electrical outlets, never forget to check all those that are located outdoors, hidden in the attic, or in your basement. These are places that homeowners usually forget about. However, they can still cause a lot of damage. Make a list of your home’s electrical outlets and inspect them regularly for issues.

Monthly maintenance can assist you in preventing major electrical issues later on and maybe most importantly, electrical fires at home. Of course, call a professional electrician in case of actual danger.

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