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electrical contractorIf there’s one place in your home that is built for gatherings, a barbeque or just to hang out, it’s your deck. However, it won’t be perfect without the right kind of lighting. There are a lot of ways on how you can illuminate this part of your home. Deck lights come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, it can be a bit challenging to choose between lighting concepts. What’s more important, though, is that you have your lights installed by a licensed residential electrician. Although DIY deck lighting installation would make for a great weekend project, the complexity of the installation might be daunting for most. Also, you may need some permits to make such changes. It’s just better off left to a professional than running into trouble later on.

Planning for lighting and electrical wiring

Before getting any work done, especially making purchases, create a plan. Like previously said, there are plenty of ways on how to light up your deck. There are different lighting fixtures that are made especially for decks. First of all, consider your options. Narrow it down to the most suited type of lighting for your deck. Also, don’t forget to hire a reputable electrician in Florence for the lighting installation. Here are some deck lighting ideas that you might find useful:

Deck stair lighting – there are regulations set in place that call for the necessary installation of lights on deck stairs to keep the area lit during the night. The best and probably the most difficult part of the process is choosing the right kinds of lights for your stairs.

Low voltage lights – as more people grow more conscious about energy consumption through lights, energy-efficient options are popping up all over the place. Instead of the traditional lights, choose low voltage lights that crank down the electrical consumption down to just 12v without losing much of the brightness.

LED deck lights – LED lights are growing popular these days due to their low electrical consumption. If you want to really light up your deck without jacking up your electric bill, go for LED lights. In general, LED lights are 75% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and are far brighter. That simply equates to better performance and reduced costs.

Deck post lights – if you want to be a bit flashy with your lighting you can opt for post lights. Post lights normally illuminate the railings and the surrounding areas, providing a subtle and calming ambiance to your deck.

Recessed deck lighting – if you don’t want bulky lighting for your deck, you can always choose recessed lighting. However, you may need to enlist the help of a professional electrician for the installation of this kind of deck lighting. Since they will be recessed, the electrical wiring for the lighting will need to go in between or tucked under your deck.

In conclusion, lighting is a nifty addition to your deck. It will definitely be a wonderful addition if you want to invite people over for dinner. But of course, you will require professional electrical help for the installation of the lights. Call experts like Florence Electrician Pros in case you need help installing your deck lights.

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