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Tips For Easier Electrical Wiring At Home

electrical wiringEven if you have several years of experience in handling electrical wiring, there will always be some tips and tricks that you might not know. Provided below are some important things to help you wire neater, better, and faster.

Uncoil Cables Without Any Kink

Straighten the plastic sheathed cables first before pulling them through the holes to make the process a lot easier. In case you decide to just pull the cable from the coil’s center, it will result to kinking once you pull it through the studs. One good tips is to get a handful of coils at the roll’s center and throw them across the floor just like you are tossing a coiled rope. Walk alongside the length of the cable and make sure to straighten it when doing so. Professional Florence electricians prefer to it this way because it allows them to keep the cable contained in their plastic wrapper for better and easier handling and cleaner storage.

Neatly Pack Electrical Boxes

In case you have done a lot of wiring, you surely have had times when you can barely push the outlet or switch into the box because of the countless wires. The best way to deal with this is to arrange the cables neatly and carefully fold them into the box. Take all the bare ground cables along with a long pigtail and then connect them. Fold them into the rear of the box, and leave the pigtail extended. Follow the same process for the neutral pigtail. Be sure to leave the hot cable extra long and then fold it back and forth at the bottom part of the box. To identify the hot wire, don’t forget to place a wire connector cap. With a box that’s neatly packed, it will be easier for you to identify the cables. Plus, it will leave you a lot of space for switches.

Test Wires Before Touching

Never get complacent as to whether the power is turned off even if you have done a lot of wiring. Don’t forget to use a noncontact voltage detector to inspect every wire inside the box or spot where you are working. Be sure to inspect the tester on a cord or wire you know is live to make certain it is working before you depend on it. You can buy noncontact voltage detectors at hardware stores, home centers, and even in online shops.

Handling GFCI Problems

Most of the of the problems happen when several outlets are safeguarded by only one GFCI. Some of the possible causes include an appliance or light with a ground fault that is connected into a downstream outlet or a faulty GFCI. To know if the problem is with the GFCI itself, or maybe downstream, you have to switch off the power to the GFCI and then disconnect the cords from the load terminals. Press the reset button and then plug in the GFCI tester into the outlet well before you switch the power back on. In case the GFCI trips after this, you need to have it replaced. In case it holds, the problem might be with one of the downstream outlets. If you wish to avoid the time consuming process of trying to fix the problem with the load outlets, the best and easiest solution is to change all of them with a brand new and tamper resistant GFCI.

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