Determining The Best Generator For Home Use

electrician in FlorenceRegardless of the cause, power outages are a problem for any household. The lack of electricity can impede the daily tasks of any homeowner. In the cities and suburbs, power outages are not that common. In fact, power outages in these areas only happen when the power from the grid needs to be cut off during a major storm. During which, the only source of power that people could rely on is from generators. However, each household has different electrical needs. It’s best to consult your local electrician in Florence for more information regarding the matter. On the other hand, here are two of the most common generators you can find in the market and their perks:

Before buying a generator, ask an electrician if it’s suited for your needs

Portable generators – if you’re looking for a generator that has a small form factor and is easily carried anywhere, you should consider purchasing a portable generator. However, do bear in mind that there are some specifications that you need to be familiar with. Not all generators are the same. Some have lower capacity while others can power an entire house. For portable generators, however, they only provide power to a number of household appliances in a single usage. They can’t power an entire building due to the limit in capacity. It is best to get in touch with an electrician to know more about the right capacity for your needs.

If you only want to use the generator for a few power tools, lighting, and other electrical devices that do not require high voltage to operate, a portable generator is most suited for you. Most often, you will not need to have a residential electrician come over to set up and operate the generator.

Standby generators – these kinds of generators are the exact opposite of portable generators. They are stationary and provide higher electrical capacity. On the other hand, you will need to have an electrician set up the generator for it to function.

How a standby generator works is through a hardwired connection between the house and the generator itself. This is why an electrician is needed to set it up. Unlike a portable generator, standby generators must be properly wired so it would turn on automatically when the power from the mainline is cut. It then shuts off automatically when the power from the mainline is back.

Another great functionality of a standby generator is the fact that it will operate even if nobody is home. You could basically rest assured that your home will still be powered even when electricity from the grid is down. On the other hand, you cannot simply set up this type of generator on your own. It must be hauled into the location and fixed in place. A registered electrician must also be present during the installation. Professionals like Florence Electrician Pros can handle such tasks and offer reasonable rates as well.

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