Common Electrical Repairs During Hurricane Season

electricianStorms come with strong winds that typically cause a lot of damage to their path. Power lines could fall over homes, trees, and cars. Electricity in some areas could go out for days until the weather calms down. After a storm, it is expected that your home will need some form of electrical repair. If you haven’t noticed anything off, you’re in luck. However, you shouldn’t take any chances, you should still hire an electrician to do an inspection. This will eliminate any lingering signs of damage.

Here are some of the most common electrical repairs after a storm:

Repairing downed power lines

For your own safety, never go near a downed power line. While it may be tempting to see if everything is okay, you shouldn’t risk going outside just for a glimpse of what’s happening. Power lines carry high voltage electricity that can kill a person in a matter of seconds. The best thing that you can do is phone the local electrical company regarding the matter. They can dispatch their own personnel to fix the issue. Phoning it is will also improve safety in your neighborhood and in the surrounding area of the downed power line. The power company can cut the power leading the affected area for safety purposes.

Household electrical damage

A lot of things go wrong when water enters your home. Your electrical system could be drenched in water and cause short circuits. In the event of a major storm, it’s best to turn off the power to your home by flipping the circuit breakers in your mains panel. It is important that you remain calm at all times. Knowing what to do can save lives and property. Move any electrical appliances to elevated areas where water can’t reach them.

Once the storm has passed, hire a Florence electrician for a thorough inspection of your home. Bear in mind that some issues may not be easily visible. Other issues may easily be detected. However, it is advised to hire a professional to make sure that nothing is overlooked. Short circuits could potentially start a fire. Any undetected issues could trigger other problems later on.

Problems with the mains panel

If water has somehow gone into your mains panel, expect a lot of electrical repairs and replacements. If this happens, call an emergency electrician right away. The problem must be sorted out the soonest. You won’t have electricity in your home unless the mains panel is working perfectly.

Hire a professional electrician

If you have electrical issues at home, don’t skimp on inspections, repairs, or even upgrades. Such tasks must be done by an expert like Florence Electrician Pros and there are plenty of good reasons for this. First of all, a professional electrician can do a better job than any DIYer could and they offer better services all in all.

Don’t let your guard down this hurricane season! Call Florence Electrician Pros for all your electrical concerns. You may reach us at (843) 212-4173.

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