Circuit Breakers – Reasons Why Electricians Install Them

electricianHave you ever wondered about the reason why electricians install circuit breakers? If you look at the main electrical panel of your home, you would find a bunch of circuit breakers bundled together. These are installed by electricians for a good reason. First of all, an electrician would need a way to cut off the electricity that’s connected to various parts of the home. Another reason is that it is required by building authorities to be installed in every home.

Circuit breakers are vital for electrical safety

In every home, circuit breakers are present. It’s no coincidence why they are installed in your electrical panel. The role of circuit breakers is quite important. Basically, circuit breakers act as the primary protection against overloads. When a particular outlet uses too much electricity than the wiring is rated for, the circuit breaker then trips and cuts off the electrical connection to that area. This breaks the circuit, hence the term circuit breaker. Before circuit breakers became mainstream in homes worldwide, fuse boxes were used. However, using fuses were not really safe. Fuses may or may not work well in certain conditions. Aside from that, when fuses blow up, you would then need to replace it. That would be problematic if more than one area of the home hade overloaded circuits. That’s the reason why an electrician in Florence would recommend having circuit breakers installed.

Why are circuit breakers convenient?

If you look at the electrical safety of an entire household, circuit breakers make a huge difference. An electrician would need to install up to ten circuit breakers or more for the average household. That simply means there are a lot of electrical connections that need to be protected. This is all done through the electrical panel where the circuit breakers are located.

What happens when there are no circuit breakers installed?

First of all, circuit breakers prevent electrical overloads. For instance, you’re running a TV and some electrical components out of one electrical outlet. When you add more appliances to the same outlet and then overload the circuit, the breaker then jumps into action and trips. The circuit breaker generally helps by preventing an overload. When an overload happens and there are no circuit breakers in place, the wiring that connects from the mains supply to the outlet would get very hot and possibly start electrical fires. There’s a certain limit to how much load an electrical wire could handle. This is also how much the circuit breaker is rated for.

If you are doubtful about the quality of your circuit breakers or simply want to double down on your electrical safety, call an electrician. Hiring a professional electrical contractor like Florence Electrician Pros would ensure the safety you home against electrical problems and fires resulting from overloads. When you live in an older house, you are more likely to experience electrical problems. This means you should have an electrical inspection to do repairs or to let you in on when you are supposed to upgrade.

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