Ways To Childproof Your Electrical Outlets and Switches

electrical outletsThere are several electrical hazards throughout your home and you need to protect your kids from all of them. Even the most mundane electrical items like electrical cords, electrical outlets, and switches are interested to the eyes of your children who are still on the process of learning to move around the house. With the list of some simple precautionary measures below, you can childproof your home and prevent them from getting hurt.

Outlet Covers

The openings in electrical outlets are usually big enough to fit a finger of your child and lead to electrocution. There is also a possibility that they might insert objects into unused power outlets. Stop them from getting into these electrical outlets by always keeping them covered using outlet caps.

Secure Electrical Wiring

Using long electrical cords can place your kids at risk in several ways. There is a chance that they might trip over the cords and get injured. They can also tug on the electrical wires, causing the connected appliances and devices to fall on top of them. They could also be electrocuted if they chew or break an electrical wire. Call a Florence electrician if you need help.

Don’t Leave Appliances Plugged In

Most homeowners leave their appliances and devices for convenience. But this habit might cause electrical hazards especially if you have kids at home. Keep away small appliances after using them. Because water is a conductor of electricity, do not plug devices into outlets that are close to the bathtub or sink.

Add Switch Guards

Switching electrical outlets on and off might appear like a very interesting activity to a kid. However, the constant back and forth can lead to an electrical spark, boosting the risk of an accidental electrical fire. You need to consider the installation of a switch guard as an added safety measure and to childproof the lights as well.

Use Power Strips That Comes With Safety Buttons

Power strips are extremely convenient to use especially if you have a lot of appliances that you need to operate at the same time. You should consider using plastic outlet plugs to prevent children from inserting their fingers inside an open outlet. Apart from that, you should choose boards that comes with a safety button, which you can use to prevent electrical hazards.

Parents and guardians will always place the health, welfare, and safety of their kids first. If you want to make sure that childproofing your electrical outlets and switches are done right, call Florence Electrician Pros to help you out.

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