Tips For Avoiding Electrical Pitfalls When Buying A Home

electrician FlorenceThe mechanical systems, particularly the electrical system, are often neglected during the home buying process as potential home buyers tend to concentrate more on the aesthetics of the property that they are looking to purchase. Listed below are some useful tips to avoid the most common electrical pitfalls when purchasing a home as shared by a professional electrician Florence.

Hire A Home Inspector and Expert Electrician

Hiring an independent and licensed home inspector is crucial. A reliable home inspector will spot almost, if not all electrical problems. As a buyer, you need to be present when the home inspections are being done. In case the inspector finds electrical problems that might be out of his scope, you have to work with a licensed electrician for further consultation or inspection.

Inspect Electrical Items

The boxes, conduits, and wires of the electrical system should all be fixed securely to the building. There must be no noticeable signs of deterioration or damage. There must be one or more ground rote or other permitted grounding means present during the service. In most municipalities, the acceptable residential service size is a minimum of 100 amp and between 120 and 240 volts. However, 120 to 208 volt services are also quite common.

Electrical Panels

The most crucial part of any residential installation is the circuit breaker or the main electrical panel. Generally, the panel houses the main disconnect. Several older circuit breaker panels don’t have a main disconnect. What they have instead is a multi-throw disconnect. This implies you should shut off at least one breaker to totally switch off the power in your home. Several municipalities do not allow this kind of panel anymore.

The electrical panels should also be neat as well as tidy. There must not be too much wire slack. Every breaker must supply to just one wire. Breakers must be labelled clearly. Additionally, the AFCI and GFCI breakers must be checked for operation. There are numerous well documented problems with different brands of circuit breaker panels.

Fuse panels remains common and usually safe if they are used correctly. However, people tend to replace the fuses with ones that are incorrectly sized or with the wrong type. Because fuse panels are commonly small, there is also that possibility to double lug or maybe to add several circuits to a single fuse. In several cases, replacement is the ideal option when it comes to fuse panels.

Electrical Outlets

The electric receptacles must be secure and also free of wallpaper and paint. They must be inspected for wiring problems using a simple outlet tester. The GFCI receptacles should also be checked for operation. Fixtures, fans, as well as light switches must all be inspected to ensure that they are all in good working order.

Be Instinctive And Thorough

Always follow your instincts. In case the electrical system looks disorganized, cluttered, or messy, you have to an electrician Florence take a look at it. Identifying the electrical problems early on will help you avoid future issues and expenses. Plus, it will give you some negotiating room with the seller in case you decide to proceed with the purchase.

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