7 Must-Know Tips For Landscape Lighting

electricianWhen summer comes, nothing beats the having a great time outdoors. Host a simple dinner with friends or just relax in your garden alone or together with your loved ones. You don’t have to stop all the fun once the sun goes down because your landscape lighting is inefficient or worse, nonexistent. Remember that outdoor lighting is made differently, and the work included in setting it up goes beyond putting some string lights. To create the perfect ambiance, you have to choose the best type of lighting fixture for your backyard. Fortunately, professional electricians shared some tips to help you get started. Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to landscape lighting.

Three Types of Outdoor Lights

It is ideal to include these three types of lighting, which are task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting includes plus deck, security lights, and pathway lights while ambient lighting includes the installation of post lights, hanging lights, as well as wall lights. On the other hand, accent lighting can be achieved with the use of landscape kits as well as spotlights.

Calculate How Much Light You Need

Before you go shopping for the landscape lighting you want to install, you have to know how much lighting you need for your outdoor space. Multiply the area’s square footage that you want to illuminate by 1.5 to obtain a rough estimate of your required total wattage.

Plan In Advance

Check your landscape and get the measurements you need when shopping for fixtures. Get a piece of paper and check the size and position of a fixture so you have something to review before you make a purchase. Don’t forget to choose durable lighting that is made of weather resistant and high-quality materials.

Use LEDs

You should also consider using LEDs instead of incandescent or halogen lights. Apart from being maintenance free, they also use far less energy.

Check Your Home’s Interior

Taking a look from your home’s interior will help you determine which light to pick and how you need to place it in your yard. Think about how gardens, patio spaces, and pathways look from the inside of your house. You can see lighting gardens inside your house, particularly in the living room or dining room. Consider path lighting for your garden area or think about using solar outdoor lighting for simple and quick style update.

Subtle Light For Entertainment

If you have invited guests over for a garden dinner, they surely do not want to eat under a bright spotlight. Subtle and indirect lighting should be placed in dining areas in your outdoor rooms as this can help create a restful mood. If you are unsure, you can always call a professional Florence electrician for assistance.

Never Forget Security

Outdoor lighting does not only offer ambiance but also make your home more secure. All entry points of your house should be well lit. Install a wall lantern on every side of the garage store or maybe mount a single fixture above. For additional security, light up all side of your home that are in the shadows. Place spotlights on your eaves or you can also install wall lanterns at garages, windows, or side doors.

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