5 Services A Residential Electrician Can Offer

residential electricianWhat are the services that are being offered by a residential electrician? Most of us only think of calling an electrician when there’s a problem with some lighting fixtures, appliances, and other problems with electronics. However, there’s more to an electrician than meets the eye. There are other services they offer that you should know about.

Here are the different services that your local residential electrician offers:

Installing electrical panels

If a computer has a CPU that controls everything in a computer, your home’s electrical system has an electrical panel. Basically, an electric panel is where the electricity from the grid is connected to your home. The electric panel houses important components such as circuit breakers and other components. Every new home needs to have an electrical panel set up. For a home extension or a shed, an electrical panel must be installed to regulate the electricity.

Installation, repair, and circuit breaker upgrades

Circuit breakers add a level of electrical safety to your household. These electrical components are what bridge the connection from the electric panel to every other electrical outlet or appliance in your home that requires electricity. Basically, every electrical connection in your home goes through a circuit breaker. If you want to add a new appliance or electrical outlets, a number of circuit breakers need to be installed. However, only a professional residential electrician Florence, SC should do the installation. Working with circuit breakers means dealing with enough electricity that could kill a person in an instant. That’s why certain precautions need to be taken.

Ceiling fan installation

You might think that it is simple, but there are a lot of steps involved in installing a ceiling fan. A hole needs to be drilled on your ceiling and wires need to be routed to the desired location. If you want a ceiling fan installed, call your local electrician.

Lighting installation

Lighting installation can be divided into two categories; indoor and outdoor. Regardless of where you want the lights installed, it is best to have the task done by an expert like Florence Electrician Pros. It will be in your best interests to have an electrician do the installation, especially for outdoor lighting. Wire gauges need to be correct and the layout of the wiring needs to be done accordingly. Although you may accomplish these tasks on your own, there’s no real guarantee of electrical safety.

Electrical inspection

An inspection is one of the electrical services that you don’t often hear about. However, it is important to have your home’s electrical system inspected. This is to ensure that no electrical component in your home becomes a fire risk. Again, this kind of task must only be done by a licensed electrician. Never try to do this task on your own as it may put your home and family in danger.

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