Electrician Tips – 5 Electrical Issues You May Experience In Summer

electricianWithout proper maintenance, your home might experience electrical issues more often than not. However, there are electrical issues that occur during certain times. For instance, some electrical problems often arise during summer and not in the winter months. Either way, you should call an electrician to fix the issue.

Here are some of the most common electrical problems you can encounter in the summer:

Circuit breaker keeps on tripping

A circuit breaker is designed to trip whenever the electrical load in a given line is breached. They are often used as the primary defense against electrical fires and other issues. If the circuit breaker does not trip during an overload, certain appliances may be damaged. However, there are also instances where the circuit breaker keeps on tripping. This is often due to a faulty circuit breaker. It must be replaced right away to avoid inconvenience. Although it won’t often result to harm, it will be annoying to have to reset the breaker all the time.

Excessive use of electric fans

It’s normal to crank up cooling appliances during the summer. Air conditioners and electric fans are almost often used non-stop during the blazing heat of summer. Although there is nothing wrong with cranking up your electric fans and using them for extended durations, it can increase your electricity bill. Other than that, the motor of your electric fan might overheat and cause an electrical fire. The chances are slim but it still is there. It’s best to be cautious over the use of electric fans.

Using too many extension cords

Using extension cords is perfectly fine. Of course, this is only if you use a certain number of appliances at once, draw electricity that’s within the allowable limit, and using the extension cord for a short duration. Unlike wall outlets, extension cords are not for extended or permanent use. They are not intended to replace wall outlets as they might heat up and cause electrical fires.

Flickering lights

In case your lights are flickering, have them checked out by a Florence electrician. Sometimes the issue might not be as straightforward as you think. If your lights are flickering, it could be because of a number of things. It may be due to faulty wiring, the problem with the light bulb, or something else. To prevent further issues, have a professional look at it and have it fixed.

Frequent power outages

While this might be out of your control, frequent power outages can lead to problems in your electrical system. First of all, fluctuating electricity or sudden surges can kill your appliances if you don’t have surge protection installed. During the summer, the chances of a power outage are higher. Since a lot of people will be using more electricity. The power from the grid may not be enough or issues may happen during peak hours. It’s best to have whole-house surge protection by Florence Electrician Pros to protect your home and appliances.

Avoid electrical issues at home. Have your electrical system maintained by experts. Call Florence Electrician Pros today!

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