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Electrical Outlet Maintenance Tips

Home fires are commonly caused by defective electrical outlets. About 25,000 electrical fires every year could be attributed to faulty electrical outlets, which cause more than $1 billion in property damages. When it comes to reducing your home’s risks of electrical fires, you need to conduct routine maintenance on electrical outlets. It prevents malfunctions that … Continue reading Electrical Outlet Maintenance Tips

Signs Your Wall Switches Are Defective

A wall switch is used a thousand times during the course of its lifespan. It eventually wears out and become defective and the initial sign of trouble is when it acts in any way that is not normal. For instance, if there is an audible snap, crackle, or popping sound once you flip the lever … Continue reading Signs Your Wall Switches Are Defective

Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays

The holiday season is here during this time of the year, several people decorate their houses for the holidays. There are some families that begin decorating at Halloween and change their ornaments for each holiday that comes until New Year’s Eve. You have to be safety conscious if you have plans of decorating your home … Continue reading Electrical Safety Tips For The Holidays