Top 6 Tips For Electrical Safety

electrician safety tipsMishaps with electrical items can happen to anyone. The results could range from mild to devastating. That’s why anything that is powered by electricity should always be used with caution. If you’re not a qualified electrician, don’t try to fix or disassemble electrical wiring and equipment at home. You could be seriously electrocuted or could cause electrical shorts that lead to house fires. Be sure to read the electrician safety tips below to prevent any incidents with electrical items:

Electrician Safety Tips That You Should Follow

Never overload electrical sockets – there are specific electrical ratings for outlets. Going beyond that limit could cause serious problems. You should be more careful with extension cords or at least buy ones with higher usage ratings. Some extension cords come with thinner copper wires and should only be used with low voltage appliances. Although you may find multiple sockets in one extension cord, never make it a habit to fill each one and run all appliances off it simultaneously.

Install a residual-current device or RCD –   with RCDs installed, the power to a specific line is cut off thus preventing serious shocks. This will come in handy if you somehow manage to get electrocuted though an electrical outlet. Instead of the power being on all the time, causing serious injury, it will cut off after the initial shock.

Make sure all wires, plugs, and sockets are in good condition – over time, electrical equipment will show signs of wear and tear. The everyday items that we use including wires, sockets, and plugs will indicate wear after years of use. Make sure that they are properly maintained by your electrical contractor. Also, do spot checks for any signs of damage from time to time to keep issues from escalating.

Keep wires away from heat sources – it is a rule of thumb to never trail wires over hot areas like stove tops, heaters, and other electrical or non-electrical equipment that produces enough heat to melt plastic. When the insulation of wires melt away or get burned, the copper is exposed and is prone to shorts that could lead to fires.

Never leave electrical equipment near water – don’t leave electrical equipment near water at any times. – Except for those rated for use in or near water. Most electrical equipment does not have IP ratings or are not waterproof. This is the reason why you should never leave them near water especially if they are in use.

Be sure to know where underground wires are – if you are going to do some landscaping to your lawn, be sure that you know where your underground wires are. This especially goes for projects that require a lot of digging. You should look into where those wires are located before work starts. This way, you can avoid cutting the wires and get electrocuted. Call your local power company for the exact location of your wires. After getting the required information, you are free to make any desired changes to your lawn. For cases of electrical concerns in Florence, always call a qualified electrical contractor.

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