Tips On Choosing The Perfect Lighting Fixtures For Your Dining Room An Foyer

electrician in FlorenceHaving the best dining experience isn’t all about the food and your kitchen table. It’s also about the lighting. When you have bad lighting, it ruins the mood and the entire dining experience. Having the perfect dining room lighting would definitely make your experience much more wonderful. Of course, choosing the right type of lighting for your dining area and foyer would take a bit of effort and help from your local electrician in Florence. But what does it really take to get the right type of lighting fixtures for your dining area? Here are some tips that will help you land the best type of lighting fixtures that would take your dining experience to a new level.

Always consult an electrician when looking for new lighting fixtures

Figuring out the right king of lighting fixture for your dining room is all about dimensions. There’s an ideal measurement that you should follow when choosing the kind of lighting fixture. For instance, if you have a moderately sized dining table already in place, use it as the focal point of the entire space. The next thing that you need to do is find out the right height and size of the chandelier you will be choosing. To do so, you should at least have a chandelier height of at least 30 inches above the dining table. For taller ceilings, it is recommended to hang the chandelier 34 inches above the table.

Choosing the right size of lighting fixture for your foyer

Aside from the dining area, there’s another part of the house that you should focus on. Your foyer should have the best lighting as is leads to different parts of your home. In this case, we’re taking a look into the parts where the lighting from the foyer brings more allure when entering the dining area. To get the best lighting fixture, you should have one that’s approximately a 1:1 ratio between the size of the fixture in inch and your ceiling width in feet. It’s also best to install a dimmer switch to control the mood of the light.

Dimmer switches

There’s nothing more cozy and relaxing than having dimmer switches installed. The goal of dimmer switches on your lighting fixture for your dining area is to control the amount of illumination. There’s no real point in having a chandelier that’s too bright or too dim. You would want it to be just right. To set the mood, you must be able to control the amount of light that is being emitted. There’s no other way to pull this off than having dimmer switches installed. Of course, you would need to enlist the help of your local electrician for this job.

Installing lighting fixtures

When you are looking to get a new lighting fixture installed coupled with dimmer switches, it’s more likely going to involve your electric panel. With that in hand, you should always consider hiring an electrician like Florence Electrician Pros for the job. Installing a huge chandelier is no easy task. Leave it to the professionals and have it taken cared off with no hassle on your part.

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