LED Lighting And Things To Know

lightingOver the last few years, the popularity of LED lighting has grown tremendously. Part of the reason is the energy efficiency that comes along with the use of these types of lighting. LED or light-emitting diodes, are lighting elements that can produce high amounts of light without using up a lot of electricity. With that advantage alone, more homeowners are making the switch, leaving incandescent lighting behind. But what are the real benefits of LED lighting and what are the downsides?

Here are some of the benefits of LED lighting

  1. LED lights comes in various colors – just like other lighting sources, LED lights come in a variety of colors. You can actually find a lot of colored LED lights in the market that suits your needs. What’s great about LED lighting in Florence, though, is the energy efficiency that it offers. Unlike other types of lighting, LEDs are more environment-friendly due to the lesser power that it requires.
  1. Higher light output – there is another obvious advantage when using LED lights. When you compare both incandescent and LED lights at the same illumination, LEDs actually consume just one-tenth of the power that the incandescent light bulb needed to provide the same light output. That means it is perfect for use in areas that need light for extended periods. You can consult experts such as Florence Electrician Pros regarding LED light output and other calculations.
  1. LED lights are dimmable – who doesn’t like dimmable lights? Unlike your traditional lighting, LEDs are fully compatible with dimmer switches. When you take that into account, you have more flexibility with LED lighting as you can freely adjust the amount of illumination to your needs. Of course, this requires you to have dimmer switches installed. You will need to hire an electrician for this matter.
  1. LED lights last longer – this is true for the most part. However, well-built varieties last longer than other cheap knock-offs in the market. When you put it into perspective, a single LED light bulb has a rated life of 50,000 hours. The rated life of a single LED bulb is 50 times more than an incandescent bulb, 25 times more than a halogen bulb, and 10 times more than CFL bulbs. In general, LED light bulbs are preferred over the traditional light bulbs which make them suited for lighting upgrades at home.

What are the downsides of LED lighting?

When it comes to performance, there isn’t really anything to criticize about LED lighting. They offer good value for money, they are everywhere, and they last longer than other light bulbs. However, there is nothing that would potentially deter customers from buying LED lights and that’s the price. In general, LED lighting is more expensive than CFL or incandescent light bulbs.

However, it is basically a matter of perspective. When you do the math, you will end up saving more money with LED lights than traditional incandescent lighting. Although you will pay a higher upfront fee, savings in energy consumption will offset the amount.

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