Know All About Electrical Safety Tips At Home

Florence ElectricianThe most important thing about electrical safety in your home is that you must get a qualified Florence electrician in order to do wiring in your home. This will ensure that there are no major accidents in your home in the future. Also, you must always keep certain electrical safety tips in mind while you are at home.

Electrical Safety Guide

 Blown fuse

In case a fuse blows out, turn off all the appliances that are on that circuit before you change that fuse. The new fuse must have a rating that is similar to the previous one. Always use a flash-light in the dark while doing any electrical work in order to avoid any accidents. Any loose fuse may get heated and lead to a fire. Hence, checking fuses from time to time is a good practice. A fuse should only be replaced by another fuse. Never try to use a coin or any other metallic object in its place. For any outdoor outlets, make use of ground fault circuit interrupters(GFCI).

Electrical plugs

You need to be extra careful with electrical plugs and cords at home. Never try to pull out a plug by pulling on the cord. Take out the plug from its socket using gentle but firm pressure. Make sure that your hands are dry and you must not be in touch with a metal object.

Extension cord caution

If you can, avoid using extension cords at home. Get an electrician to make a permanent electrical point for you. In you have to use an extension cord, make sure that the power cord has the proper rating. Never step on the cord. In order to ensure this, do not place any cord under the carpet or rug. In the same way, do not place it in the doorway or any such place where it may be stepped on. Keep the cord away from heat and water. Any excess coil must be wrapped up well and tied up with plastic strips or Velcro straps. Do not leave it dangling. Always make use of a three-pronged plug only. In case your cord shows any signs of wear or the plug is damaged, replace it immediately. Never use a plug or cord that is damaged in any way.

Unplug appliance when not in use

When your electrical devices are not in use, remove the plug from the socket. In case you have to operate an electrical appliance, make sure that it is switched off as well as unplugged. Always keep these devices away from heat and water. A lawnmower should never be used in case it is raining. Also, make sure that the grass is dry before you start cutting it.


For any repairs or maintenance work, it is best to call a Florence electrician. After all, there are many jobs that only an electrician can do properly.

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