How An Electrician Ensures Safety At Home

electricianAn electrician deals with a wide range of electrical accidents that could be easily prevented with basic precautions and maintenance.  Accidents are inevitable and could happen any time, but with sufficient information and guidance, homeowners can easily prevent these types of accidents.

Here are some suggestions, by an electrician, on how to keep your homes safe from unexpected electrical accidents.

  1. Do not staple or nail cords to keep them in place. According to your local Florence electrician, this will only cause fraying and wear on the cord. Use tape, instead, to ensure their placement on your flooring.
  1. Keep your cords on the outskirts of a room. Do not place them under a rug, as this will prevent the cord from cooling down quickly. This could also be a fire hazard, should the cord develop frays, which would not be easily detected with the rug covering.
  1. Do not attempt to modify your home’s electrical outlets. Keep in mind that it is installed that way by your electrician for a reason. If you fill prongs or remove the third prong or ground pin, it may make your plugs more vulnerable to electrical shock.
  1. Should an electrical appliance accidentally fall into a container or tub of water, ensure that the appliance is unplugged prior to reaching for it in the water. Keep in mind that water is highly conductive and that electricity will continue to spread throughout the body of water until the power supply is cut.
  1. During a lightning storm, turn off all appliances and avoid contact with any body of water. In these circumstances, your home is highly vulnerable to power surges, especially when lightning strikes electrical wires outside the house. When this occurs any water coming out of electrified pipes, such as a bath or shower, is dangerous. Plus, appliances that are plugged in can be damaged during the power surge. Hire Florence Electrician Pros if you need to upgrade to whole-house surge protection.
  1. Ensure space heaters are placed away from anything that is flammable. If possible place it within a yard (3 feet) distance from or any flammable objects, such as rugs and draperies, which could be a hazard.

Following these simple precautions will go a long way in preventing electrical accidents.

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