Electricity Tips – Electric Units Homeowners Should Know

electrical systemWhen it comes to the energy that you use in your home, it all boils down to a few units of measurements. In a household, electricity is often measured in volts, watts, and amps. It’s important to understand the meaning of each and how they can be useful in our daily lives. The electrical system in your home is feeding off electricity from the grid at a certain rate. This is important because too much energy can fry all of your appliances. It is also essential to get to know the basics of how electricity works. Here’s a brief explanation of electric unit measurements and how it affects your life:

Electric terminology your electrician would normally use

You’ll often see a bunch of information on the labels of appliances and other electrical equipment. If you have no clue as to what the specifics indicate, you should continue reading on. Basically, appliances and all electrical equipment run on certain amounts of electricity. It’s important to know just how much since this will let you know which ones consume more power. Your electrician knows a lot about this and you should ask them whenever you have one around.

Here’s what volt, amp, and watt mean

A watt is basically the amount of energy that is either generated or consumed by electrical equipment. To get how many watts is either produced or spent, you need to multiply the voltage by amperage.

A volt, on the other hand, measures the potential energy between two points or voltage which is electrical pressure.

Meanwhile, an amp is how amperage is measured. This basically measures the rate at which electricity is flowing.

In general, appliances and lighting fixtures found in your home have a certain specification on how much energy they draw in to work. Knowing this information helps users understand what an energy efficient product is and what is not. Your appliances, for instance, consume power in different amounts. Always ask your local electrician about the best brands and models to end up with the best in terms of performance and energy efficiency. Experts like Florence Electrician Pros will know just what to recommend.

How you can save electricity at home

  1. Buy energy efficient light bulbs – older incandescent light bulbs eat up more electricity than more modern LED light bulbs. When you compare LED and incandescent bulbs, the difference in terms of energy consumption is huge. For the same amount of illumination, LED light bulbs consume just one third to just a quarter of the energy a normal incandescent bulb would spend.
  1. Unplug all appliances when not in use – it’s a rule of thumb to disconnect any appliance that is not in use. Although it may not be turned on, it still consumes electricity in small amounts.
  1. Upgrade your appliances to newer, energy-efficient models – as the year goes by, more energy efficient models of your favorite appliances emerge. These models eat up less electricity with better performance than previous generations. Call your local electrician for more information about the newest energy efficient technology available.
  1. Limit the use of high-consumption appliances – some appliances just require a lot of energy to function. Regardless of energy efficiency, there are appliances that have high wattage. You should reduce the use of these appliances should you wish to save on energy bills.

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