What Are Dedicated Electrical Circuits

electrician FlorenceYou might have heard about dedicated electrical circuits. But do you really know what they are and the purpose they serve? Here are a few things that’s worth understanding about dedicated electrical circuits. A dedicated electrical circuit serves only one electrical fixture or appliance. The National Electrical Code for several fixed appliances and some critical use appliances. No other outlets, lights, fixtures, or appliances can be served by dedicated electrical circuits, which are typically required for appliances with motors. These circuits make sure that there is enough power for the start up load and to operate at peak performance. Moreover, dedicated electrical circuits are used by electricians to prevent the hassle associated with circuit overloads.

Preventing Overloads

If more than a single appliance will be served by one circuit, there is a possibility that these appliances will draw more power than what the circuit is made to handle. The consequence will be a tripped fuse or circuit breaker. It is a fairly typical occurrence in the kitchens of much older homes, which were installed during the period when the National Electrical Code didn’t expect such a huge number of appliances to be featured in modern kitchens.

Kitchens depend on appliances with motors like garbage disposers and mixers as well as appliances that heat like electric grills, pizza ovens, and toasters. Both of these kinds of appliances are heavy power users. In case you are using a pizza oven and a toaster on a single appliance circuit, it is possible for the circuit to overload and for the circuit breaker to trip. This is common among older kitchens with just a single or perhaps two 15-amp circuits that are providing power to the microwave oven or the refrigerator.

Modern kitchens have at least four or even as many as six 20 amp circuits to lessen the chance of overloading a single circuit. The National Electrical Code demands that any device or appliance that have been dedicated as critical use have its own dedicated circuit to get rid of the risk of having a different device tripping the breaker and eventually causing the critical-fixture to shut down. A few good examples of these critical appliances are sump pumps, water heaters, furnaces, as well as refrigerators. In case any of these breakers trips and you are unaware of it, you might wind up with a freezing house, a flooded basement, a fridge filled with rotten food, or with no hot water.

Checking For Dedicated Circuits

The electrical service panel of your home, also known as the breaker box, must have labels that indicate all dedicated circuits. In case you see that any of these appliances are doubled up on just one breaker or perhaps they are running on a single circuit along with another equipment, then you have to call an electrician Florence. This is more than just a nuisance but a safety hazard. Electrical circuits that aren’t up to code can also prevent you from selling your home, in case you have plans of putting it up on the market.

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