Electrician Tips – Costs For Common Electrical Projects

electricianIf you know your way around your home’s electrical system, it’s highly likely that you won’t need the services of an electrician. However, if you are like most homeowners, you will be needing electrical services to get things done. On the other hand, what’s keeping a lot of homeowners from seeking the services of an electrician is the cost. Some services tend to be in the thousands while some fall below $100. So, what’s the price for common electrical projects? This article will let you know just how much they cost!

Here are the average costs of commonly done electrical projects

  1. Fixing broken, dated, or faulty outlet receptacle and switches – normally, a Florence electrician will charge anywhere from $100 to $150 which includes the call-out fee for this quick job. The price will increase depending on the complexity of the task at hand. Outlet receptacles are cheap to replace on your own. However, it will require a certain level of knowledge and experience.
  1. Grounding a wall outlet – older wall outlets may not be connected to a ground wire which can be a serious problem later on. Again, this task is easy for an electrician but hard for a novice DIYer. These tasks normally cost anywhere from $100 to $150.
  1. Upgrading to GFCI outlets – older homes may not have GFCI outlets in place. If you want to upgrade the outlets in your home, be prepared to pay $200 to $250 for labor costs alone. A GFCI or ground-fault circuit interrupter is useful in preventing electric shocks.
  1. Installing a new wall outlet – on average, the cost to install a new wall outlet or switch is around $150 to $200. This job typically involves opening up the wall to tap into the power source.
  1. Adding a 220/240-Volt Outlet – some household appliances may require more than just 120-volt outlets. Installing 220 or 240-volt outlets may cost $300. Labor costs are typically higher for these tasks as it involves a more complicated wiring process and adding a new circuit breaker into the panel.
  1. Adding three-way switches – a skilled electrical contractor can install a set of three-way switches in under two hours. If the electrician is starting from scratch, you may be charged $200 to $500. If an existing switch location will be used, the cost will be significantly lowered and will be in the tune of $150 to $250.
  1. Replacing or adding a new circuit breaker – typically, adding or replacing a circuit breaker will cost $150 to $200. This often includes the materials used but you should ask your electrician about the inclusions.
  1. Rewiring an entire house – major tasks such as rewiring a house can cost a lot of money. Depending on the size of your home, costs to rewire the entire building can cost anywhere from $2,700 up to $11,400.
  1. Wiring a new house – on average, wiring a new house will cost $3,800 or more depending on the contractor you hire. It is significantly cheaper than rewiring due to the lack of extra work such as tearing down walls.
  1. Wiring a basement – basements are not typically wired to accommodate appliances and other amenities. However, if you wish to add wiring to your basement to add functionality, it will cost $800 to $1,500.


If you want to save money, DIY electrical work is not the way to go. If you truly want to cut costs and keep your home safe, hire a reliable contractor that offers a great deal. Choose an electrician like Florence Electrician Pros.

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