6 Electricity Conservation Tips To Save Money

electrical systemWith today’s rising electricity costs, it’s only fitting to find effective ways to conserve energy. Everything that attaches to your electrical system will eat up a certain amount of electricity every time you use them. Everything from your light bulbs, your fridge, your HVAC unit, and other household appliances use up electricity. But how can you conserve electricity? If you’re a concerned homeowner, you’ll likely look for a bunch of ways on how to reduce the energy consumption in your home without making compromises. As it turns out, you can. There are ways on how to lower your energy consumption at home without compromising comfort. Here are some ways on how you could lower your energy usage at home:

Energy saving tips that electricians recommend

Use energy efficient lights – did you know that lighting alone takes up 17% of the entire energy consumption in the United States? It’s a huge figure. However, energy consumption at home can significantly be lowered with the use of correct lighting. Old incandescent and fluorescent lamps eat up more electricity than newer LED lights. You can even go further and install LED lights that have motion sensors in them, allowing the lights to turn off when nobody is around and turn on when a person is nearby. This option is far more expensive, though. On the upside, using cheap LED lights can save you a lot of money per year.

Lowering heating costs – if you’re living in colder areas of the United States, you’ll likely be cranking up that heater when it gets too cold. However, there are ways to lighten the load on your electric heater. You can upgrade to more efficient models. Ask your local electrical contractor about it. Other than that, you can also improve your insulation and improve ventilation in your home for better efficiency.

Cutting cooling costs – it’s always a drag when the summer heat kicks in. The average homeowner just doesn’t have many options other than turning on the AC unit to keep cool. However, using an AC unit doesn’t always have to be hard on your electricity bill. You can do things like wearing lighter clothing, keep yourself hydrated, and eating food that helps cool the body.

Cut back on dryer usage – if you do a lot of laundry, you might want to cut back on using the dryer. If you live in an area with warmer climate, it’s better off to let your clothes air dry instead. Although, this may not be applicable in areas with a lot of rain.

Unplug those appliances – you might not notice it, but a lot of appliances still eat up electricity even when you power it off on the remote. Most of these appliances don’t really cut off the power in the system. Instead, they go on idle but still consumes electricity. If you can, unplug all your appliances when not in use. This way, you can save on electricity quite easily. You’re local electrical contractor would know about this.

Go for a smart thermostat – older thermostat models need to be manually adjusted, which could lighten or increase the load on your HVAC system. This often leads to inefficiency. However, smart or learning thermostats offer a better approach. Instead, these thermostats learn your habits and adjust the temperature accordingly. Professional electrical contractors like Florence Electrician Pros install these all the time and know the efficiency they provide.

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